Arc-Tech (Scotland) is a TESLA certified installer.

One of the world’s pre-eminent brands in renewable energy and EV car manufacturing, TESLA offer a wide range of products to support a reduction in carbon emissions in the home or business premises including electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions.

As a certified installer and a leading Renewable Services contractor, Arc-Tech has the ability to offer the Scottish Construction sector a means to support both the new build construction of housing and commercial premises or the retrofitting of existing buildings through a range of renewable TESLA components. This includes the Tesla Powerwall, a contemporary and compact battery storage system that stores solar energy for later use. A compact yet high-energy solution, the system can help to dramatically reduce energy bills.

Helping to support the increasing demand for hybrid and electric cars, the TESLA Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) Connector can be utilised for both domestic and non-domestic solutions.

Arc-Tech’s relationship with Tesla offers a unique opportunity to help lower our carbon emissions and create savings.