About Us

Arc-Tech (Scotland) was founded in 2016 and since then, our company has grown to become one of Scotland’s leading Building Services providers with an annual turnover in excess of £25m.

Operational from our Glasgow headquarters, we offer an unrivalled range of Mechanical, Electrical and Renewable solutions to the public and private sectors of the Scottish construction industry, enabled by an integrated structure of 150, highly-experienced technical employees and an extensive, direct labour workforce that is augmented by trade apprenticeships and trainees.

Our work in the Scottish construction sector is spread across the breadth of the country where tailored services are being used to deliver a variety of industrial, commercial, education and healthcare projects as well as supporting residential development with renewable energy solutions including zero-emissions district heating systems.

Our mission is to provide superior customer service and excellence in project delivery by taking a non-adversarial partnership approach with our clients.

We value professionalism, integrity and a strong work ethic and will strive to become the best within the market we inhabit, pioneering Building Services in Scotland.

Our Board