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South Lanarkshire Council is presently undertaking a constituency-wide modernisation programme for all primary schools in the region in order to improve the teaching environment and facilities for faculty and pupils. The latest to receive an upgrade is Underbank Primary School in Carluke where Arc-Tech has been asked to deliver a specialist Mechanical Service package covering the supply, delivery and erection, testing and setting to work Heating Services – including an underfloor heating system – Water Services, Mechanical Ventilation, and sprinklers.


An air source heat pump (ASHP) installation shall be provided to generate LTHW to meet the buildings space heating and domestic hot water demands. The space heating installation will be a pourable self levelling screeded underfloor heating installation (45-35)oC. Each manifold shall be capable of operating as an independent zone with a tamper proof thermostatic valve located within each room.

The heating pipework will be distributed from the plantroom to the manifolds and plant via ceiling voids whilst the heating expansion will be accommodated by a direct mains fed pressurisation unit and shall be linked to expansion vessels which will be located in a ground floor plant room. Variable temperature pumps will also serve the underfloor heating with constant temperature pumps serving the hot water calorifier.

Mechanical Ventilation

Supply and extract fans will be installed to provide kitchen ventilation in line with HVCADW172. Kitchen supply ventilation shall incorporate a split DX heating coil whilst the supply and extract ventilation will be controlled via the BMS with local on/off/speed control provided in the kitchen itself.

All internal areas and toilets shall be provided with extract only ventilation. A door grille shall be provided to all areas with mechanical extract ventilation.

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

A building energy management system will be provided as part of the controls strategy for this development. Outstations shall be located throughout the Building with the supervisor’s terminal  located in the janitors room and which will enable monitoring and control of all alarm conditions.

Arc-Tech will commence work in June 2018 moving toward formal completion in September 2018.

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