The range of technical services provided by Arc-Tech includes:

  • Design
  • Design Management
  • Design Development
  • Coordination
  • 3D Modelling
  • Digital Engineering for off-site fabrication
  • BIM


Our in-house design team has vast industry experience and is capable of meeting the most demanding of projects. The services being offered include design, design management, and development of the consultant’s performance specification or base design; for the entire project or specialist work-packages. These design services offer thorough and meticulous technical assessment and review, to ensure the best possible solutions are being provided to meet the brief. Early engagement is key and provides maximum time to examine and validate value for money and value engineering options, working towards cost certainty, to deliver a design which is affordable to the project cost plan

Coordination & 3D Modelling

Modern construction projects rely heavily on digital processes that involve modelling the project virtually before actual construction commences on site. Arc-Tech boasts a competitive advantage in this respect, with a depth of experience and talent amongst our professional staff unmatched by our competitors.

Arc-Tech offer collaboration and full model virtual walk-throughs either on site, at our client’s premises, or at our own state-of-the-art head office. We also have the capability to produce 3D models that demonstrate a clash free solution between MEP services and the building structure, working with design teams to ensure the building services fit within the available voids eliminating development risk and reducing construction programme risk.

Digital Engineering for Off-Site Pre-fabrication

As a result of our detailed 3D Modelling activities, Arc-Tech Digitally Engineer solutions for Off-Site pre-fabrication:

  • Electrical Containment Systems
  • Plant skids i.e. pumps, boilers
  • Multi-service riser modules including flooring
  • Main spine distribution multi-service modules
  • Distribution boards
  • Plantrooms


Arc-Tech proactively collaborates with the Design, construction, client and Facilities Management teams to work as part of the BIM Level 2 Delivery Team, using processes aligned with PAS 1192-2 and BS 1192. We have invested in BIM software tools that are consistent with industry standards to allow integration and interoperability with other project participants.

In alignment with BIM and Soft Landings Principles, Arc-Tech commence our project involvement with the end in mind. We collaborate to understand the client’s key uses for project information, ensuring the information procured and delivered will be used, without needless excess being produced. We believe strongly in project workshops and  asset information workshops with CAPEX and OPEX teams, to determine what information is available that can be utilised to the betterment of the project.

  •   Arc-Tech are a breath of fresh air to work with.

  •   Arc-Tech are operational with experience in the industrial, commercial markets for private and public sector clients.

  •   Our primary purpose at Arc-Tech is to become “a revolution in the building services industry”, offering unparalleled levels of service.

  •   At Arc-Tech we use your passion to innovate the future.

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