Arc-Tech have a specialist in-house team of plumbers who havethe knowledge and expertise to ensure that your project is installed to the highest standard, commissioned and handed over defect free.

All types of plumbing works are carried out by Arc-Tech include plant rooms, main service runs and final connections to various forms of plumbing appliances.

Our plumbers take great pride in their installations, each joint is carried out to the manufacturer’s guidelines and is traceable to ensure all works are executed appropriately.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in ensuring our works are commissioned properly and are installed appropriately for the client to carry out regulatory L8 inspections post-handover, a process that Arc-Tech is fully qualified to assist with alongside the installation of water services.

  •   Arc-Tech are a breath of fresh air to work with.

  •   Arc-Tech are operational with experience in the industrial, commercial markets for private and public sector clients.

  •   Our primary purpose at Arc-Tech is to become “a revolution in the building services industry”, offering unparalleled levels of service.

  •   At Arc-Tech we use your passion to innovate the future.

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